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M I L O N G A S   I N   L I T H U A N I A

Tango nights – Milongas are held in four cities of Lithuania - VILNIUS, KAUNAS, PANEVĖŽYS, KLAIPĖDA.
Usually Milongas and tango practicas take place regularly at specified locations, however there are exceptions.
If marked with apteryx (*) please make sure to check when and where will the milonga take place as the location and organizers may vary.

The upcoming milongas and Tango practicas are announced with location, date and DJ.
If you have a question in regards to location or time of milongas, please write to  info@tangolink.lt  or call us at +370 614 545 23
Facebook  Tango Link group,  Facebook Skirmante Gin
or reach out to organisers of the milonga by clicking on  the links. You can also find information on Facebook Tango Vilnius group.

M I L O N G A S   I N   V I L N I U S

20:00 - 23:00
Address - Barboros Radvilaites 8, Vilnius, Lithuania
Organizer - Tango Link

23 September, 2022 / Friday